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Digital Transformation
Sixth force partners with the best teams in the world to help with delivery state of art digital systems. Our expertise around tools implementation, system integration , automation and configuration has helped several organizations translate their ideas to reality. 6th Force Solutions get in touch Digital Transformation is the way to create a sustainable organization that is customer centric and performance optimized
6th Force Solutions

Digital Transformation partner with Cloud First approach

Sixth Force (Complementors) are partners to help Organizations solve their problems for today and be ready for opportunities of tomorrow. The rapidly changing ecosystem of tools, processes and touchpoints makes evolving to latest trends a must for organizations

Our adeptness and operational strategy to assist through planning , customization, technical implementation, delivery and managed services  has helped our partners Segway to success through the complex hurdles.

System Integration and Managed Services

Out in-depth understanding of the roadblocks in digital transformation journey and having a deep-rooted, hands-on approach has helped businesses evolve with technology and create digital processes and solutions. 

Our experienced team has helped firms identify roadblocks early and mitigate them in advance to help a smooth execution, delivery and post-deployment support.

6th Force Solutions

Our Services

Our Consultants with blended expertise in Enterprise Architect and Enterprise  Architecture frameworks and process have helped major organizations across the globe to define, document and model their process successfully. We also support  organizations in the rolling out the deployment of Sparx Enterprise Architect.

Enterprise Architecture

BPMN Consulting

Systems Engineering

Software Modeling

6th Force Solutions

Establish the organizational requirements that drive the architecture need.

Define Architecture for Organizations

Evaluate the existing architecture

Document the Architecture model

Integrate the Architecture and Tool used for Architecture with other ALM systems

Envisage the To-Be-Architecture

Gap Analysis

Business Analysis

Business Process Improvement

Build As-Is-Model , Build To-be-Model and do Gap Analysis

Simulate the models

Implementation Report

Documentation of the entire process

6th Force Solutions

Specify system requirements with powerful requirements modeling support.

Design deeply-nested structures of systems and sub-systems using blocks and block diagrams.

Analyze system-to-system behavior using Interaction Diagrams, Activity Diagrams and Statecharts.

Define system dynamics and enforce correctness with parametric and constraint blocks

Conduct MDA (Model Driven Architecture) Style Transformations.

Visualize and trace requirements to model elements throughout the entire development lifecycle.

6th Force Solutions

4+1 Views and UML diagram

Abstract Class Models

Data Models

Platform Specific Class Models

Forward and Reverse Code Engineering

Component Models

Deployment Models

Activity Models

State Machine Models

Traceability across various artefacts

Documentation of Entire Software Model

Generate Documentation for your bunch of code existing source code with the help of reverse code engineering.









Case Studies

Our case studies exhibit how Sixth Force Solutions applied industry standards with state of art modeling tools to help the clients derive real business value.

   Enterprise Architecture Roll out for Global Telecommunication Player

  Business Process Re-engineering for Global Software Services Organization

Clients and Branding

We can assist with

Tool Implementation services

Cloud strategy consulting – planning, analysis and Deployment

Extending and implementing tool to cater to the team specific customer journeys

Seamless Integration with Enterprise tools in the organization to create a seamless unified landscape.

Enterprise Architecture


Most of the Enterprise Architecture consulting firms / consultants guides the organizations to build their Enterprise Architecture with their expertise, but organizations are left to face the challenge of converting this Architecture into a usable model using the tools.


Capturing and visualizing your organizations Business Process will help you to assess and improve the current business processes. Our Consultants blended with the BPMN process knowledge and the expertise in Sparx Enterprise Architect 


Our Consultants with expertise in SysML Combined with Enterprise Architect Expertise will help you to build your System Engineering Models to analyze, design and verify you complex systems for hardware, software, information, personnel, procedures, and facilities.


If you are building a complex software project or software product, building a software model to visualize your system is critical for your success. Our Consultants with vast experience in the IT industry with UML and Enterprise Architect skills 


Requirements Management is integral part of any product or service development and managing the requirements effectively is the key for the product success.